The Mindful Wild

Community support and resources to help you lower daily anxiety and stress by living a mindful, nature-connected, and inspired life.

A supportive community for people who are trying to live grounded mindful lives, breaking through societal norms, encouraging each other to be more nature-connected, wild, and free, and sharing ideas and resources to lower stress and anxiety and live healthier happier lives.

Your guides will walk with you on this wild path, sharing what they've learned on their journey of daily anxiety and stress and they'll share what is currently working for them as they continually navigate these rocky trails, together with you. We aren't perfect, we still struggle, we're continuously curious and learning. We will guide you as you also guide yourself.

What you can expect:

  • Learn new ways to lower feelings of anxiety and stress
  • Share what you're going through
  • Feel less alone and more supported
  • Be heard
  • Feel understood
  • Feel motivated to make important changes
  • Draw from a wealth of shared resources

Topics we'll explore together:

  • Nature connection
  • Mindfulness
  • Minimalism
  • Simple living
  • Natural movement
  • Plant medicine
  • Meditation
  • Spirituality
  • Yoga
  • Adventure
  • Psychology
  • Clean eating

Resources will be shared in our private community in the following formats:

  • Personal experiences and lessons from your guides as posts in the group
  • Monthly lifestyle and habit challenges for everyone to do together
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Studies
  • Podcasts
  • Websites
  • Courses
  • Books
  • Songs, poems, and other creative mediums

...that have changed us and improved our lives


The biggest part of The Mindful Wild is building and being part of a community. It can be easy to feel alone on your path to mindfulness, self awareness, and living more in line with who you really are; especially for wild ones like us who are living in today's society where technology, busyness, consumerism, the rat race, and high a stress lifestyle is normal.

Even though we will encourage you to spend less time online and more time in Nature, we acknowledge that we are using an online platform to connect with you. This is one of the ways we can use technology mindfully to relate to one another through our common love of the natural world and all things wild.

We feel that the best way that we can help you is through supporting you, human to human, and by sharing techniques and resources with you that have worked for us.

The Mindful Wild is NOT for people who:

  • Are looking for professional counselling services
  • Don't like spending time outdoors or connecting with the natural world
  • Aren't open to natural and alternative wellness therapies
  • Don't like mindfulness practices including meditation
  • Are close minded
  • Are religiously dogmatic
  • Are unkind and uncompassionate

The Mindful Wild is BEST for people who:

  • Love Nature
  • Struggle with anxiety and stress on a daily basis
  • Are looking to be part of a community of people who are like-minded and who understand what they are going through
  • Prefer using (or are open to) natural and alternative techniques and therapies to improve their overall wellness (ie. meditation, yoga, clean eating, exercise, mindfulness)
  • Would like to be more mindful in their daily life
  • Are open minded
  • Are open to different types of spirituality
  • Are kind, compassionate and are working on their judgement of themselves and others
  • Have a willingness to open up and share how they feel and how they experience the world

Included in your monthly membership:

  1. Access to The Mindful Wild Facebook Group - a private community where you will be able to connect with people like you
  2. Support, listening, understanding, and caring from The Mindful Wild guides and guest contributors
  3. Curated resources that will help you live a more wild and mindful life

Who we are

We are a small team of committed individuals bringing you inspiration & educational resources grounded in Nature.

Our mission is to help improve the health of individuals, wildlife and the planet, by inspiring people all over the world to reconnect with Nature.

How we got started

We Are Wildness was founded by Alissa in 2011 as a personal growth project. After struggling with depression and anxiety for many years, she found nature connection and living closer to the land to be instrumental in her healing process. Ever passionate about wildlife, nature and wild spaces, Alissa’s hope upon starting WAW was to create an avenue with which to inspire people to reconnect, protect and preserve both their intrinsic wildness and the wildness of the greater earth organism. That personal growth project has now grown into a beautiful collective of wild, yet modern humans who share experiences in many ways: By participation in WAWU, an online school, by reading and contributing to a diverse blog, and by connecting with other Nature lovers via a large social media community.

Your Guides

Alissa Wild

Alissa is a wild woman introvert who loves wandering through the trails of her local river valleys and mountains. She has been managing anxiety and depression since the age of 13, going through periods of suicidal thoughts, binge drinking, using drugs, being bed bound in college, going on antidepressants with intense side effects, and attending CBT therapy sessions with a Psychologist. Her rocky path led her to the wild lands of British Columbia where she found the most freeing and healing experiences through mindfully connecting with the natural world.

Alissa created We Are Wildness in an effort to inspire more people to get outside and reconnect with the wild world, firstly because we protect what we love, and secondly because of how much it has helped her heal and work through her own anxiety and depression. She’s been a quiet, shy, and anxious person since a young age and through self work, alternative therapies, mindfulness, and Nature connection she has come to finally accept herself, alleviate severe depression, and manage crippling anxiety in her thirties. She is passionate about helping people remember their inner wildness, especially in the hard times that life can throw at us. Alissa relishes regular time in solitude to nourish spirit and feels most at home in the rivers and forests of Coast Salish territories on Vancouver Island.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Important disclaimer:

For many, our website and community is therapeutic. However, it is not intended to be a substitute for professional therapy. The We Are Wildness Team are not counsellors or psychology professionals. Please use this community at your own risk and with the understanding that we are here to support you with what we know from our own experiences and what we've learned through trial and error, interviews, research, and self discovery. Not everything we talk about or promote will be for you. All we can do is come from our own experiences and meet you where you are.

This community is not for the purpose of diagnosing or treating mental health conditions. If think you may have an undiagnosed mental health condition please consult your doctor or psychologist.

If at any time you are experiencing overwhelming feelings, a panic attack, suicidal thoughts, or psychotic episodes please contact your local mental health hotline. We are not trained professionals and will not be able to offer you the support you need. Here is a list of crisis lines.