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The Wild Photo Challenge

Go outside. Take pictures. Share the wild.

We challenge you to take at least one photo of the natural world every day for 30 days. Join the Facebook Group and follow along each day with the Daily Photo Suggestions ebook.


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We Are Wildness Team
We Are Wildness Team

We are a small team of committed individuals bringing you educational resources grounded in Nature.

Our mission is to help improve the health of individuals, wildlife and the planet, by inspiring people all over the world to reconnect with Nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the challenge start and finish?
It is a self-paced online challenge - the goal is to take one photo per day for 30 days. Sometimes we will do monthly challenges together, as a community.

What people are saying about the challenge:

"It is always great to have a challenge in nature, even though, nature is always a challenge. I love it." - Gloria McNaughton

"I've been enjoying so far, great concept, although I'm outside for most of the day anyway. It's nice to share what I'm doing and helps to solidify my appreciation for where I am in life. Nice to see other parts of the world and what folks are up to In their own wild. I'd really like to visit all of them, and great to enjoy from the comfort of home and dream." - Collin Young

"I love it! I was having a hard time locating an insect today and told my six year old grand daughter about it.... she just sent me a picture of a ladybug!" - Barbara Breedlove

"I love being a part of this! To be in a community of like minded people means the world to me! I'm learning so much about different cultures all over the world! And I've made so many friends. This group helps me to get out of my head...away from the never ending work...away into nature!" - Nanci Engelhardt Roberts

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