Facebook Field Guide for Nature-Based Businesses & Nonprofits

Learn the time-saving techniques that the people behind We Are Wildness used to grow a thriving community of over 425,000 supporters and customers on Facebook​

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Make Facebook work for you.

The world needs more people like you who are directing their time and energy into Nature-based businesses. We are a new kind of entrepreneur...Naturepreneurs!

You know that in today's world, having a strong online presence is key to growing a successful business. Facebook is now the most favoured and affordable form of marketing. When you develop a loyal community of supporters and customers around your business, it will help you obtain more freedom and time to do the things you love most (for us it's hiking with our dog).

Hi! We're Alissa and Kevin

We're the founders of We Are Wildness, and we want to share a story with you...

It's a story about how we took We Are Wildness from 300 likes on Facebook to over 490,000.

And in the process, built a business that aligned with our passions and gave us the freedom to quit our jobs and spend more time doing what we love, turning our dreams into a reality.

We started We Are Wildness back in 2011.

Facebook was a lot different back then. Businesses were just figuring out how to leverage it as a tool for marketing. Everyone who liked your page saw all of your posts, and those nasty Facebook algorithms hadn’t started yet (the ones that now keep your posts from getting hardly any reach).

We had no idea what we were doing and how to grow. Despite our efforts, our page’s growth on Facebook was painfully slow. But we knew we HAD to keep our page going as it was essential to reaching our goals. At least that’s what all of the the Facebook marketing experts were saying.

So we worked away at it...only to grow a little here and there.

We would often work on a blog, new product offer, or some other Facebook post we put a lot of effort into and were excited about, only to post it and get nothing but crickets in return…

It was VERY discouraging.

Then Facebook launched it’s new feed algorithms and Facebook Ads. This meant that Facebook was now using a complex system to determine how much reach posts would get, and who they would be shown to, based on interest, relevance, and engagement.

After this happened, our posts performed even worse. It felt horrible!

Almost nobody was seeing our posts...even people who liked our page and WANTED to see them.

We even got messages from people asking where we had gone and why they weren’t getting our posts anymore. We just couldn’t reach them no matter what we tried.

On top of that Facebook Ads were starting to take up valuable room in people’s feeds, and we didn’t have any money to start spending in order for people to see our post -- and how could we possibly do that for every single post!?

At the time, we were living in our 12 ft. trailer in a trailer park in Mexico with almost no money in our bank accounts and relying on our credit card to get by. We were enjoying the beach, the sunshine, and lots of coconuts, but things were getting desperate.

We noticed that the pages we followed that were growing the fastest were getting a lot of shares on their posts. They were going viral so to speak…

How were they getting these shares and all these new likes that came with them?

There seemed to be an art to creating sharable content on Facebook.

We knew we had to learn that art in order to keep growing our page and our business, otherwise we’d have to give up on our passion.

So, we made it our mission to research and learn everything that we possibly could about Facebook marketing.

We watched Youtube videos, attended webinars, paid for online courses and training, read ebooks, messaged people who ran large Facebook pages, and worked with mentors and coaches, trying everything we could until something clicked…

We spent years working at it, and eventually we cracked the code...and it changed everything for us.

Once we put what we learned into practice, our page started growing like crazy!

By hundreds, and even thousands per day.

Our posts started getting tons of likes, comments, and most importantly, SHARES!

Many of our posts were getting shared by other big pages on Facebook...some with millions of followers like Upworthy, Sustainable Human, and National Geographic Channel.

Our links were getting clicked too!

A few of our blog posts crashed our entire site because of how much traffic we were getting from Facebook. We had to upgrade our hosting plan so that our site could support all of this new traffic, and potential customers.

All of this new traffic directly resulted in more business for us. Our little passion project to help connect people with nature was beginning to look like it had real potential as a business...People were buying our products, ebooks, and challenges.

The best thing was that a diverse community of supporters from all over the world was forming around what we had created.

It felt amazing.

We were finally getting somewhere.

As our business grew and became more profitable, we were able dedicate more time to it.

Facebook was our main area of focus. We wanted to keep growing our community there as we saw just how popular Facebook had become and how many people we could reach.

We were spending more and more time on Facebook trying to keep up with bigger pages who seemed to be posting all day and night.

We thought we had to be doing the same...so we spent HOURS each day looking for content to share and post.

Creating and running a big page on Facebook seemed to be a full time job.

Rather than working on fun and exciting projects for our business and things that could help generate more revenue and keep our business growing, we were bogged down by managing our Facebook page.

We were spending less time doing what we loved...and having less free time doing what we promote with We Are Wildness, which is spending time in nature.

Wake up in the morning... post on Facebook

Last thing at night...post on Facebook.

It was ironic… and frustrating.

We couldn’t possibly keep this up.

When we weren’t on Facebook posting all day...our page wasn’t growing...and we weren’t directing visitors to our website.

We wanted our FREEDOM back!

We thought about quitting Facebook altogether...but it was way too important to our business. We needed Facebook.

We felt that there had to be a way to be more effective and efficient with the time we spent on Facebook so that we didn’t have to spend all day in front of the computer.

We went back to the drawing board, learned as much as we could, and discovered new features on Facebook, new ways to leverage our time, how to keep up with the changing Facebook algorithms, and most importantly, get our freedom back while still growing our business.

Now we spend more time doing the things we love...

A video posted by Kevin Park (@kevinsequoia) on
A video posted by Alissa Wild (@alissainthewild)

....and less time on Facebook, but still experience growth each and every day.

So many Naturepreneurs struggle just like we did. We see it all the time with business owners we consult with.

They spend thousands of dollars or tons of their time on Facebook each month, only to get a small amount of growth and nothing but crickets on their posts. They are left wondering…

"Is Facebook even worth it for my business?”

The problem is that they’re just repeating the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

Post after post...day after day.

Or worse, giving up on their page completely, only signing in when they remember it even exists.

We promise you there is light at the end of the tunnel. You just need a shift in your approach.

And you’re looking for that shift. You’re ready for it.

That’s how you ended up here, right?

If you’re like us...you seek solutions, and you know there is always a better way.

You want to continue working on what you’re passionate about, and see it grow...and you know success on Facebook is essential,

but you don’t know where to start, or you don’t have time to sift through videos, webinars, ebooks, or read blog post after blog post of outdated advice that doesn’t work for your type of business.

We want to help fellow naturepreneurs avoid the mistakes we made, and jump further ahead by leaps and bounds, saving years of struggle, and slow growth on Facebook.


That’s why we've developed a Facebook course to teach you how to reach more people and make a bigger impact in the world.

It’s called The Facebook Field Guide

We want to give you ALL of the tools and techniques that we have used to build We Are Wildness into a thriving online community of over 350,000 people, giving us the freedom to quit our jobs and focus on our mission to help people reconnect with Nature full-time, without having to be slaves to the computer.

It’s all repeatable, straight forward, and ESSENTIAL for naturepreneurs who want to do business online.

No magic tricks...

And you don’t need to have a degree in internet marketing or be technically minded.

This course is designed for creative people who are passionate about nature and want more freedom.

You will learn:

  • How we grew our page to over 424,000 people and how you can accelerate your page's growth too! We'll give you an inside look at our admin panel, page insights, and exactly how we do what we do.

  • How to setup a Facebook page for your business, project, or nonprofit from scratch - If you’ve already got a page that’s okay. There are likely some important things you’ve missed that we’ll help you improve!

  • The art of creating content that gets shared, and how to master it in only a few minutes.

  • Increasing traffic to your blog or website

  • Finding trending content to share that will get more new likes for your page

  • Time saving techniques that keep your page growing while you sleep, or while you're out enjoying the outdoors
  • FB page optimization (tips and secrets to get your page looking and working the best it can)

  • Best practices (best ways to post different types of content)

  • Networking and collaboration for faster growth

  • FB groups - How to setup, why, and the benefits

  • FB advertising 101 - Why? How? Tips to save money and reach your target audience

  • Apps to save you time

  • Community building techniques

  • Creating events/challenges that people will actually join

  • Establishing your target market on FB

  • Authentic marketing for real connections

  • Design techniques and tools (Free and easy to use, of course!)

  • Effective copywriting for posts - what to say and how to say it

  • The importance of calls to action (CTA’s)

  • How to analyze FB Insights and data to learn more about your audience

  • Sharing from other pages - how and why

  • Creating branded content

  • “Trolls” - negative feedback and hateful comments - what to do?

  • Website SEO for Facebook - Wordpress etc.

  • How to use the newest message center features for awesome customer service

  • FB mobile app usage and optimization

  • FB integrations - make your life easier - cross platform sharing

  • FB Live - what is it and how can you use it with your project?

  • "Thank you economy" and customer service tips

What you'll get

Access to the full course curriculum - here are a few screenshots

☑ Lifetime access to the mentoring group (which is also a great networking community)

☑ One hour Facebook page assessment call with Kevin

☑ Direct mentoring support from Alissa and Kevin in the private Facebook group

"I started the FB Field Guide course not even a week ago and I'm loving it! Great tips and has been super helpful since I began my page Environmental Pediatrics Institute only recently. Here's some stats from the past week: 250+% increase in page likes, 4200+% increase in engagements, and almost 10,000% increase in reach (i.e. over 43,000 people reached this week). Yay!

Thanks Kevin & Alissa for all you guys do! Stoked!"

- Sean Guinan LAc, Environmental Pediatrics Institute

“With the Facebook Field Guide's help I have managed to start a Facebook page completely from scratch! The mentoring program has saved me so much time and allows me to get on and focus on building my project. Questions were answered, tips, experience and knowledge were shared and most of all Kevin and Alissa genuinely want to see you succeed, so they go above and beyond the course requirements. Opportunities were created for collaboration with other members in the group along with ways on which we could grow our social media reach. If you are serious about investing in your nature-based business and expanding your social media reach then this course is for you – it could be the best decision you make, it was for me.”

- Claire, Oh to Explore

"Enrolling in the Facebook Field guide course and mentoring group was definitely one of the better decisions I’ve made this year to promote my nature-based project @walkingcoach. Firstly, it has taken away the overwhelm I previously felt about social media marketing, helping me to better understand how to leverage Facebook as a communications channel. No matter where you’re starting from, Alissa and Kevin guide you through everything you need to know, step-by-step, in a very easy to follow process, and it’s great to be able to check back any time on topics that maybe didn’t sink-in completely the first time. Secondly, I’m learning how to create regular content that engages and grows my Facebook page’s audience which, thanks to this course, is now happening in leaps and bounds. And perhaps one of the nicest outcomes of it all is being connected with the We Are Wildness community. The group are really friendly and supportive, and I love the very grounded, friendly and generous style of our two guides, who are genuinely nice people, as well as clearly smart and Facebook savvy!"

- Sandra Cunningham, Walking Coach

About Us

Alissa Wild

I’m a nature lover and computer nerd who has an obsession with memorizing bird songs and a passion for the creative minds of small business owners. I am the Founder or We Are Wildness and Co-founder of Campfire Social, a local social media consulting company. You can call me a serial entrepreneur… I’ve owned/co-owned five businesses since graduating college. I think I get it from my Dad, and his Dad and his Dad.

I’ve been using social media since I was 12 years old (19 years in total now) when ICQ and Myspace were all the rage. I created an account on Youtube in 2005 before any of my friends or family had even heard of it and I developed a personal brand through “vlogging” and making creative videos. That’s essentially where the seed of We Are Wildness began. I took my personal brand and transformed it into something more community minded and shared it to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter…. and then Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat followed, as I motivated myself to push through the learning curves and jump on as an early adopter. I’ve been on Facebook for almost 10 years and have learned almost all of the the tricks of the trade. I’ve grown pages from 0 to 15,000 likes in five months. I’ve grown We Are Wildness from 0 to 350,000+ likes in just 4 years. I’ve had the freedom to be creative and experiment with We Are Wildness’ brand and social media presence and have learned so much through trial and error. The insights I’ve gained over the years has allowed me help other companies, non-profits, artists, and creators with their social media and online presence. Now, as I grow my business and brand and develop a nature-centered online school, I have the confidence and resources to create a course for other nature-based entrepreneurs and creators who want to help and reach more people online.

Enough about me... I want to focus on where you are and where you want to go. I’m ready to help you tell the world about your nature-based project. Let’s go!

Kevin Park

I love moving my body, whether it’s running, biking, swimming, hiking, slack lining, yoga or dancing. My passion for movement led me to become a personal trainer. Little did I know this would eventually lead me to helping others in a different way... in business and social media!

Being successful on Facebook is a lot like developing your fitness. It takes time, dedication, consistency, a solid plan, and also knowing how to get the most out of the work you put in so you’re not just spinning your wheels without getting any improvements.

I've learned a lot along the way in growing my own brand as a personal health and fitness coach, creating online courses, co-directing We Are Wildness and We Are Wildness University with Alissa and helping other companies grow on social media, through our other business, Campfire Social.

Facebook has been the main component in all of my most successful projects, and is a platform I'm very passionate about as I've witnessed it's power for connection, community building, and for supporting our dreams as visionaries and business owners.

Like fitness, growing on Facebook is not always easy, and I've learned a lot of things the hard way. I'm excited to be able to teach you what I've learned and save you time by helping you to avoid making the same mistakes I did. With a platform that's growing and changing as quickly as Facebook, it's important to nail the basics while being on top of the latest developments as well. I will strive to help you do both so that your project can thrive and reach it’s full potential. Consider me your Facebook fitness coach! (it sounds corny... but seriously...)

Why take our training?

  • We have over four years of experience with Facebook community building, marketing, advertising and collaboration through We Are Wildness with other brands/projects/organizations we have worked with

  • We built our startup from the ground up with no initial funding or investment, and established a large community that supports what we do

  • Our success on Facebook has allowed We Are Wildness to make a much bigger impact in the world and to engage with so many more people and supporters than it would have otherwise

  • Because of our success using Facebook we have been able quit our jobs and dedicate ourselves to our business full-time, doing the work we are most passionate about, and we want to help you do the same with your Nature-based business

"If you are thinking of enrolling in the Facebook Field Guide Course & Mentoring Group to promote your nature-based project, I would highly recommend it. It will help you to better understand Facebook marketing, as well as offer step-by-step guides for things you can do to promote yourself on FB. Even though, I wasn’t a newbie, I was able to learn a lot of things that have improved my page, Forest Freak. Alissa and Kevin have been super helpful and have offered some great advice in our mentoring session. They are also available to answer any questions you might have as you make your way through the course. You can tell that they have worked really hard to make this an invaluable resource. I think it would be a great decision to take advantage of it!"

- Kevin Dickerson, Forest Freak (75,000 Likes)

Your investment: $397

Course + mentorship + private group access + one-on-one call with Kevin and Alissa

(We accept payment plans of two or three installments if needed.)

Get started now!

Our Guarantee:

If you are ready to give it 100% and make a transformation on Facebook then this is the course for you.

We believe in this course and have seen it help many people and we know it will help you too.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
You can do the course at your own pace and interact with the mentors and students in the private group as you please. You will maintain access to the course for 1 year from your enrollment date, which is more than enough time to complete all of the content. If for some reason you need an extension, just send us a message and we will happily extend your access.
How many hours should I expect to work on this course?
Aim for approximately 3 hours per week between weekly course material, working on your page and mentoring group interaction, until you have completed the course. Of course, you could spend a lot more, or a lot less time, depending on how quickly you want to complete the course, and how much time you have available.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have one year access to this course - across any and all devices you own. You will receive lifetime access to the private group.
Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes we do! We offer 3 payment plan options. One payment of $397, 2 payments of $199, or 3 payments of $133 Please see payment plan options on this page, and select the one that works best for you. If you have any questions please email us at hello@wearewildness.com
What if I don't have a Facebook page yet?
This is the perfect opportunity to start from scratch the right way. The course includes step by step hot to setup your page and optimize your settings, saving you tons of time and headaches. Let us show you how :)
What if my business is just an idea and I haven't started it yet?
There's no better time to get started than now! Building your audience and community before you launch your product or service is the best way to do it. When you are ready to launch you already have a niche audience of people that would be interested in buying. The sooner you get started, the larger and more engaged your audience will be! Why wait?
Is this a typical PDF download based online course?
No. It's much more than that. All of our courses are on our interactive platform at We Are Wildness University. Our courses are an interactive experience, keeping track of what you have completed, and include features like interactive quizes and commenting, and videos, in addition to written information. We've worked hard to develop a great learning platform that is easy and fun to use, visually appealing, and accessible on any device.
Can I access the course on my phone?
Yes! The you can view all of the course content on your phone, tablet, or good old fashioned laptop or desktop computer.
I have a question that wasn't covered, how can I contact you?
Email us at hello@wearewildness.com We'd love to hear from you and answer your questions.

"The course has been amazingly useful, with lots of details about how to get the maximum out of Facebook management for business.

The content of the course for easy to access, powerful and effective in the way it has been designed. I have enjoyed every video.
The Facebook group is the best group I'm part of in FB: the people there is just the perfect people I'd love to talk to and share with every day! I live in Italy and I often feel isolated and alone in my efforts to make my love for nature spread around and be my one and only job. By feeling connected to a wider community of thought leaders in the the field of nature connection makes me reassured, confident, inspired and enthusiast that yes, we can make a change, together, for our beloved earth!"

- Diana Tedoli, Nature Coaching Academy

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