Activity One: Blend

Play “camouflage"

This is great game for a group, but can be done with just two people as well.

What you need: Just yourselves and maybe a blindfold (blindfold optional)

Activity: With your group, head to the woods, or at least an area outside that has a fair number of trees, big rocks or other things to hide behind. A wooded area works best but city parks, school playgrounds, or even your own yard can work. Designate some landmarks to serve as boundaries if the area is quite large.

Pick one person to be the hider and the other to be the seer. The seer stands with his/her back to the natural area and counts to 30. During this time the hiders spread out and find a hiding spot. One requirement: The hiders have to be able to see the seer at all times.

After 30 seconds the seer turns around. While standing in the same place, the seer uses their “animal" eyes to find all of the hiders. When the seer spots someone, he/she will call out the name of the person hiding or color of clothing. At this point, the “found" person will join the seer.

After playing as many times as you want (give everyone the chance to be the seer!) gather the group and ask:

  1. How did it feel to be the person looking? How did your eyes adjust to be able to spot those in hiding?
  2. How did it feel to be hiding? How do you think animals feel when they are watching people walk through the places where they live? Do you think there are any animals watching us right now?
  3. How can you use your seer eyes to notice interesting things in nature?